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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 14, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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a new round of lay offs in the bay area as another bookstore begins its rounds for liquidations. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm frank somerville. border prepares to lay offs as only two stores remain. jana katsuyama tells us a judge today approved a plan to put the company up for auction and
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he's been talking with employees and customers and is live tonight in san francisco, jana. >> reporter: this border store here on king was one of the ones that closed earlier this year and now other store that is remain are headed for the same fate. cust customers customers and employees say it came as a big surprise. >> i come here often because i like books. i buy books often. >> reporter: the shutdown has hit customer and workers hard. 15 stores closed in the bay area and nationwide the company laid off some 11,000 employees. competition from online sales,
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e readers such as kindle and nook. >> reporter: do you ever buy books now? >> only for children's gifts. for me i use kindle. >> reporter: shoppers say they noticed the difference in emeryville. >> i think that border's secured the community. it was a place for people to go study. >> reporter: the remaining stores will probably end up like this one in san francisco unless another bidder comes up by the deadline this sunday at 10:00 p.m. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. there's a growing backlash against netflix with thousands of people complaining on
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facebook. the company is raises it's customer rate from $10 to $16. now hundreds are threatening to quit. block buster is hoping to take advantage of customers who are unhappy with netflix. the company is offering customers one month free. customers must sign up for one disk or two disk at a time offer. a witness says this crashed happened just before 9:00 tonight. a car came speeding down, then careened into the garage of a home. the car clipped a portion of that garage and then kept
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ongoing. one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. a fire this afternoon chased tenants from an 18 unit apartment in san francisco. firefighters say the flames burned inside the walls of the building. ktvu's amber lee is live in the city's laurel heights neighborhood where some tenants told her they have lost everything. >> reporter: frank now we can see red cross workers over there helping displaced tenants who tell us they are still in shock over what happened. we're going to show you where those broken windows are, where the fire started and it spread quickly. >> reporter: this fire was deceptive. from the front of the building you can't see much damage. tenants who escaped tell us they never saw flames but knew something was wrong when the alarm sounded at 10:50 a.m. >> there was smoke on the stairwell, then we came outside and there was smoke coming off the roof. >> i brought your laptop and there's a couple of phones
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there. but un unfortunately your apartment sustained a lot of damage. >> reporter: it was student hahn's apartment. he says a plumber accidentally started the fire after using a torch in his apartment. >> i am kind of shock right now, i don't know how to react. >> reporter: he told us he lost everything in his apartment and he will have to stay with relatives. firefighters had a tough time putting out this fire. >> a lot of black smoke out there. really tough to get and find. when it gets in the walls and it's traveling in the walls and ceilings it makes it very difficult. >> reporter: this woman arrived distraught to her home. she said she was returning from
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a business trip. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee ktvu channel 2 news. a bus involving a crash in san francisco claimed the life of a doctor today. 52-year-old psychiatrist kevin mack was riding in a shuttle that was hit by a big rig. the bus appeared to run a red light. two others were taken to san francisco for treatment. >> we've had a number of crashes in this intersection. in 2007 there had been a report that this was one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. >> reporter: mack was described by colleagues as an expert in bipolar and psychotic disorders. mack leaves behind a husband
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and two small children. two aircraft collided at an aircraft in logan. no one was seriously hurt though. the 757 clipped the tale of a commuter train. both planes were getting ready to take off. the two planes have now been grounded. the program will be rolled out later on this year for approved delta and american airlines passengers flying out of atlanta, detroit, miami and dallas fort worth. those passengers will have to be approved -- the justice
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department filed an emergency department. congress passed a law ending the ban that gave the pentagon discorrection on how the to phase it out. later this hour, lgbt history in the classroom. the law that governor signed into law today. the state senate approved a bill that would change the primary. lawmakers say moving it back to june would save about $100 million since it would allow the presidential primary to be held on the same day as the state primary. the bill would also give the electoral vote to the
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candidate who is the winner. the change only takes place if enough states make the change. the uc board of regents today raised tuition again for the second time since last fall. as ktvu's rob roth tells us it means students will now be paying double what was paid just six years ago. today' tuition increase comes to a little over $1,000 a year. but that's on top of increases that could bring the total cost of the education in berkeley including room and board to up to $31,000 a year. for,sima boozid, that affects her family. >> my brother is having to go to a community college because we cannot afford to send two people to a four year college. >> i have to spend more time at
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in my job working. >> we have to maintain our quality or it will rapidly disappear today. >> reporter: students from families earning less than $80,000 a year who are eligible for financial aid will not have to pay any tuition. those who are financial aid eligible won't have to pay the latest increase this year. >> here we are once again putting that nail in the coffin of the middle class because that's exactly who gets hurt in this debate. the regents are urging parents and teachers to put pressure on lawmakers to put a priority on education or face more increases in the future. more details now for decades the cost of an under graduate diploma at the university of california was less than $300 a year. fees and tuitions started to
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climb in the 70s and reached $1,300 by 1985. by 2005 it had jumped to $6,800. with today, fees are more than $12,000 a year. tonight former first lady betty ford is next to her husband at their final resting place in grand rapids michigan. bag pipes played as military pallbearers carried ford's casket to her grave at the gerald ford presidential museum. earlier today during the memorial, a presidential historian put ford's work on cancer awareness and alcohol abuse. >> not content to make history, she became one of those rare figures who make a difference. >> betty ford died last friday at the age of 93. and i'll be back here in
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less than 10 minute, i'll have your forecast. it includes less fog and daytime highs that will be 10 degrees warmer: see you back here. a proud's father as his son's body returns from war. the promise he says his son made in afghanistan. long lines as fans await the final harry potter film. why some adventure lovers got to see the film before tonight's opening.
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a fallen soldier arrived home in the bay area today to be laid to rest. nick amper iii died last week in afghanistan. >> reporter: the body of nicanor amper was flown with a full military ceremony. the army staff sergeant and former marine from san jose known as nick died in combat july 6th enmy forces attacked his unit with a rocket propelled grenade in afghanistan. his proud father says he wants his son to be remembered as a strong loving man and a patriot. >> he was a great soldier. he made a promise to make sure that he sent all his men home. and because of it, he took his life for them. >> reporter: escorted by the
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riders, amper iii i was taken to the mortuary. the state lowered flags this past tuesday once the governor's office was notified of his death. >> it's not like there's thousands of soldiers going down, you know. my son, i mean he's like the one. and they can't get that one right. >> reporter: we informed the governor's office about the family's concern and we got a quick response. >> we were not aware, we will be happy to do so. >> reporter: family members say they are grateful because now they can concentrate on saying goodbye to nick. robert handa, ktvu news. a grass fire that burned about 500 acres in the altamont
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area is out tonight. fire officials say gusty winds fanned the flames. smoke filled the sky but did not affect traffic. firefighters had the fire contained after about two hours, the cause of the grass fire is still under investigation. people living just north of san jose state are back in their homes tonight after a car crash forced the evacuation of 30 homes. two cars collided on east st. john's street around 9:00 this morning sending one car right into a gas meter. no one was injured but officials evacuated 30 homes until pg & e crews were finally able to cap the leak around 12:15 this afternoon. the city of san francisco is threatening to sue the state and federal government for failing to properly oversee pg & e before last year's explosion in san bruno. he sent a letter today to the
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state puc and the federal government's pipeline investigation which is seen as a precursor to a lawsuit. denise piccione has been arrested in las vegas nevada. as for bryan stow himself his family now says he is able to move a bit more. the family posted on their website that stow is now opening his mouth and can raise his left arm. the posted note says the movement is only slight. the giant fan was severely beaten in dodger stadium in march. as a follow up to a story. oakland police tell us they have identified a burned body
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found in an upscale neighborhood. police won't release the woman's name until they contact her next of kin. a rock ridge resident reported a burning body at 4:30 this morning just 50 yards from a highway 24 exit. police believe she may have been killed elsewhere then set on fire in the neighborhood. tonight the clock continues to tick to raise this country's debt ceiling. as the negotiations and the postering continue to drag on. ktvu's rita williams tells us, people she talked to on the streets this evening they didn't hold back about how they feel. >> what's going on in washington seemed ludacrist to some back home. people squabbling on how much the the government can go into debt. >> they're being paid to do something and they're not able to accomplish it. >> i think we need to get rid of the politicians up there and put real people in congress. >> reporter: at the white house last night about raising the
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debt limit. now at $14.3 trillion the president reportedly walked out. >> you know i think some people were surprised by how blunt i was. >> reporter: in this interview with our washington correspondent today, the president said he and democrats want to raise some taxes. >> you can't ask for sacrifices from working people who haven't seen a raise in some cases for a decade. and not ask anything from folks like myself who can afford to do a little bit more. >> reporter: republicans want to cut spending not raise taxes. and they say the president's bullying them by saying the government won't be able to send out social security checks if the debt ceiling isn't raised by august 2. >> president obama quit lying. >> reporter: continuing his media blitz, the president takes his case directly to the people again tomorrow with a news conference. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu
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news. more details now, a call released today shows registered voters favoring an agreement that includes both tax hikes plus spending cuts -- a poll released today shows registered voters -- sarah palin will not decide whether she will run for president until november. her political action committee spent $86,000. rudy giuliani says she hasn't ruled out a second president, run. she told republican activists she isn't convinced that the
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declared field of candidates cannot defeat president obama. giuliani says says he will make a final decision in mid- august. a little bit warmer in some places today. a little less fog. we have fog showing up in the bay. the coastal fog will bring a little bit of drizzle but less than we've been seeing. the fog will make it over the coastal hills, over the peninsula hill and over into fremont as well out into livermore valley. fog is back in your forecast. here we go tomorrow morning. there's your fog footprint. it's a little more aggressive. but looks like pretty strong coverage from santa rosa to san jose. there'll be some breaks, a quicker burn off tomorrow and then mostly sunny and slightly warmer. so i'm back here 10:45 with a forecast for your weekend. it includes some changes, big changes. there is new information tonight about a man accused of
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stealing a picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery. we are learning it may not have been his first caper. they visited the apartment of lugo this week. officers they found half a million dollars in stolen art work inside. lugo is in jail in san francisco, he's scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. new information about a man killed by police. what we're learning now about his criminal record. and google's big day. why shares shot up after the closing bell.
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a young boy had to be rushed to the hospital this afternoon after falling out of a second story window in brentwood. as you can see the screen was
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left dangling outside. a neighbor says the boy was conscious and crying when emergency crews arrived. fulsome state prison is in lock down as an investigation goes on about the abuse of a nurse. investigators are not ruling out the possibility that more than one inmate was involved. we've learned charles hill had prior run ins with the law. we obtained a police report from new millford connecticut that details a june 2001 domestic violence instance. the report says he appeared intoxicated. hill received six months probation. today at b.a.r.t.'s board of director's meeting, the police chief says the connecticut report came as a surprise. >> it's certainly information
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that i was not aware of and i will give this information. make sure the investigators get that. >> they say he threatened two officers with a broken bottle and one of the two knives he was carrying. there are currently four ongoing investigations into the shooting. the man who ran the police department for the first part of the year is now going across the bay. he took the job when george gascon moved over to district attorney. godown says he hopes to start work as a deputy chief in the next few weeks. comments sent the market higher, but today the head of
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the federal reserve sent stocks tumbles. ben bernanke seemed to back pedal on what he said yesterday. the dow lost 64, the nasdaq dropped 34. google's stocks soared following news of better than expected profits. google had a 36% increase compared to a year ago. after closing bell shares shot up 12% to $595 per share. an american music fans have a new option for streaming music online. swedish company spotify law y launched it's u.s. service today. basic service is free but music with no ads will cost a few dollars a month. it's a disappearing act for
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harry potter wizards tonight. how bay area fans are celebrating and an epic goodbye. in goes tobacco out goes cigarettes. in a special report machines such as this one are in the middle middle of a battle that that has smokers in the middle. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ new at 10:00 it all ends. it's the promo for the movie and tonight it's reality for potter fans. debra villalon is with the wizards where it's a mix of excitement. >> reporter: this party is jammed with fans ready for the
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film 90 minutes away. until then they are enjoying snacks, scavenger hunts, and contests. costume fans are camping out to be the first to see potter deathly hollows. and waiting they speak potter. >> the moguel world is out there and we are the wizards. >> reporter: seven book, eight movie, a phenomenon that captured a generation and got them reading about characters that grew up with them. >> there's a story about friendship and evil. >> we went to florida to university studio, we went in april. >> reporter: the mix of magic and adventure and emotional so
10:32 pm
intoxicating. and what's scarier than the dark lord? a world without potter if not for the online community. >> people are still chatter, rewriting their own endings, rewriting the beginnings. the history of the patter family. his ancestors, it's pretty crazy. >> potter is about being accepted that's what that entire war is about. seems like a good place where everybody can be accepted. >> reporter: the movie is getting good reviews and expected to set records. the party here as you can see is going strong. the let down comes later when they all realize that it's over but remember the trekies and the jedies somehow had to survive and i guess these wizards will figure it out too. reporting live, debra villalon. the largest coordinated protest in state prison is about to enter it's third week. a vigil was held this evening in oakland to call attention to
10:33 pm
the hunger strike. that strike started with prisoners at pelican bay who want an end to isolation units. the multiprison hunger strike shows just how far prison gangs can reach. the ktvu spoke to one man who's seen the conditions at pelican bay and he offered a different view. >> those are people who normally would be at each other's throats. so for them to be together, different gangs supposedly that are at each other's throats more shows the gang type. it just shows that they are being treated wrong and they've come together for a cause. >> almost 700 inmates from at least five prisons are refusing to eat their meals. and the state are likely headed to court over an online sales tax. amazon is pushing it's state ballot to pass a tax on internet sales. many small business say amazon should pay the same taxes they
10:34 pm
pay. >> 7.75% or it was $8.75 you know it's a big hunk of money. >> we're looking at 500 million to a billion a year once you know all internet retailers are really collecting the sales tax on california purchases. amazon says quote californians deserve a voice and a choice about jobs, investment and the state's economic future. california became the first state in the country to make it mandatory for schools to teach students about lgbt history. the law doesn't go into effect until the 2013 school year. but ktvu's chambers is tells us it has a lot of backing. >> reporter: milk is someone students department learn about in their history books until now. >> their story should be told too. we should learn about gays and
10:35 pm
lesbians. >> i think the áf we should learn about everybody's contributions not just the elite or the white. >> reporter: the new law will make the first to include lgbt history in their curriculum. some that say is long overdue. >> we've been censoring about a community that has been demonized. >> teach history without an agenda. just teach straight history each individual is accredited for what they established. >> reporter: still others feel learning about the lgbt community. >> it might change the way people look at them once we learn their contributions.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: the schools will also have to teach about the disabled community. it'll be up to schools to determine how the implement the new law. historic hanger 1 at motfet field will not receive funding. preservationists had been pushing to restore hanger number one. the city of mountain view had said it would consider taking ownership of the hanger if asked. and we're going to give you a look at the fiery show about to be put on by the cruisable. we're going to see temperatures begin to increase. i'll tell you how much. a delicate rescue operation after a window washer finds himself dangling five stories up.
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a dramatic scene today in seattle washington. firefighters had to rescue this window washer who was dangling 55 feet above the street. he fell from his seat and was clinging to a rope until rescuers were able to guide him down a fire ladder after a slow decent, the window washer was safely back on the ground. local fire departments can look forward to new maps and training on pg & e's gas pipeline system. the california public utilities commission approved the requirement today. a report on the deadly san bruno explosion found that local fire departments didn't know exactly where the pipeline was or how to shut off the flow of natural gas. the gas fed the inferno that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. pg & e says it will soon begin safety testing of pipeline 132 running from menlo park along the west side of
10:40 pm
stanford and through palo alto to mountain view. crews plan to send water at high speeds to test pressure. people along the gas line should smell gas but pg & e says there is no danger and there will be no interruption in service. mexican police found a marijuana farm in rosario. the explosions happened during the evening rush hour yesterday in mumbay. investigators are looking at surveillance video for clues. no arrests have been made and it's not clear who was behind
10:41 pm
the attack. and in france, a huge crowd packed the brusce. planes flew over leaving red, white and blue. that singing sensation lady gaga's you tube account has been suspended. anyone posting video needs an account and gaga's has quote multiple or severe violations. the infringing video is of a recent performance on fuji tv. our search could not find the video. the world of fire sirens and acrobats came to life
10:42 pm
tonight. a ktvu camera attended last night's final rehearsal. the show is a collaboration between the crucibal and the bay area -- the loophole california is now trying to close next in a special report. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking a warmer in the weather. in just about two minutes, what to expect for the rest of the week.
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a mini tax revolt is sweeping across the nation as the price of smokes keeps soring. it's a big movement back east and now it's come to california. tom vacar takes a look at the
10:45 pm
roll your own revolution in tonight's special report. >> reporter: business is booming here at yuba city roll your own tobacco shop and customers are happy. >> roll your own, you can't beat it. >> reporter: customers buy tobacco and tubes, then put it into this machine. it automatically spits out cartons. >> down at the grocery you pay $50 for a carton. you pay $25.99, that's half price. >> the cheaper the better. >> reporter: the owners of the shop are in the heart of a battle. >> we're not considered a fact
10:46 pm
factory because you're renting our machines. >> reporter: that would be 1.0 $1.01 a pack. most of the taxes are used to pay for health insurance. is it fair taxation or a government attempt to get more money? >> the people need the product and they're getting priced out of it. and it's kind of hard if you can't quit smoking. >> reporter: as much as people object to smoking, the fact of the matter is it is a legal product. and more and more people are saying, that it costs so much money they just have to roll their own. >> i've already told them you need to get another machine. because i will come here where there's people sitting and waiting for more than an hour. >> reporter: the roll your own goes another level. >> we sell pipe tobacco, cigarette tobacco and cigarette
10:47 pm
leaves. >> reporter: pipe tobacco is priced at 1/9. tobacco leaves are not considered tobacco product until it is shredded so it's not taxed. >> it's our customers job to turn it to cigarettes. >> reporter: customers do this by using these machines the shop purchases for $500. >> it makes sense for customers to do their own. >> reporter: most customers have very little money. >> older customers like between 60 and 70 years old. >> they are low income, fixed income and homeless. >> reporter: all tobacco shops complaining that many customer. c ustomers will end up with health problems that taxpayers
10:48 pm
will fund. funds that come from taxes. the alternative, bootlegging where criminals profit and the government gets nothing. tom vacar, ktvu news. new details tonight about a high speed chase we showed you yesterday on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. we now know it was followed by an arrest of two people. what you are looking at here is the bust that was taken from a home after police arrested herr era. police tried to arrest him in his home but he took off. in all police say they recovered $200,000 in cash and three firearms along with 20- pound of cocaine and a large amount of meth worth a total of a million dollars. the fog is coming in tonight but not as aggressively
10:49 pm
as tonight or the night before. less fog tonight means less fog tomorrow. all these patches will fill in as we go into the mid-morning or early morning hours. early night tonight. fog a little bit of drizzle but not as much fog and not as much drizzle. if we see any drizzle it'll be light. mild to cool as we head into your friday. thursday was mild and cool. tomorrow will be just a little bit warmer than that. so we're going to see temperatures back in the 70s. the cooling lies in the pacific northwest. it's hanging out, as long as the it's there our the temperatures stay below average and our fire danger stays low and the air quality stays good. things will start to warm up as we head into your weekend. in the meantime as it slowly edges north, a little warmer tomorrow. a little warmer on saturday and
10:50 pm
sunday as well. bay area microclimates tomorrow. just a broad brush. but you can see out in the bay, out toward berkeley. out toward concord and pittsburgh and martinez mid- 70s. these temperatures are cooler than you would expect yet they are warmer and will be warmer than they were today. san jose specifically, a little bit of fog in the morning hours. and your daytime high tomorrow, 71, 72 degrees. a nice day. nicer than it's been. since the pattern has been repetitive. these last three mornings look exactly the same. the fog should burn more rapidly. temperatures are going to elevate. more sunshine on saturday and sunday and temperatures will come up as well. subtle changes. it's not going to get hot, it's just going to get warmer because it has been cool. if you're out in the avenues of san francisco, over in b odega bay you're wearing a big
10:51 pm
jacket. there's the weekend always in view. your friday just around the corner. there you go. a little warmer, the big warm up comes early next week. firefighters loving this by the way. >> keep it on the upward trend. transit riders can now stay connected through wifi. the valley transportation authority says wifi is now running on all of its light rail trains after a week of testing. the mta is the first to offer wifi on their transits. i guess you can say it's nothing to bark out. how you can help a bay area city cash in and one $100,000 to build a new dog park.
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i need help selling bread.
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♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. >> the city of pacifica is one of 15 finalists in a national contest to build a dog park. this is the video produced by pacifica for the online contest. pretty clever. the winner of the pet say bark for your dog contest will receive $100,000 to build a new dog park. the community with the most votes win, if you want to vote
10:55 pm
for pacifica go to and then scroll down to web links. >> very cute. mark ibanez joins us now. gianting still playing in the 12th inning. things are looking good. >> they are looking good. they play the padres they fall into a fourth demention when they play this team. they forget how to hit. tonight looked a lot like a giants-padres game. cameron mavis with a beautiful catch in center field. andres torrez you're thinking here we go again. 1-0 padres into the top of the ninth. their all star closer heath bell take it deep. we have a 1-1 game going into the 4th inning. 2-1 forcing a run and then pablo sandoval with a two run
10:56 pm
single. nate, shoreholtz follows with an out. we will keep you posted. another day of rest turns into another day for the a's to fret as one of their outstanding young pitchers undergoes tommy john's surgery. another lefty in a completely different frame of mind was among the a's working out today at the coliseum. that would be gio gonzalez who struck out the only batter he faced in the all star game. he was still buzzing about that experience this afternoon. >> i had my family in town, it just kind of got really emotional. i was running so fast that i'm glad the tears tears evaporated when they came out. it was just all in all one of
10:57 pm
those great experiences i will never forget. meantime put the honey dew's on hold. if you have someone at home that likes to watch golf likes golf, good luck peeling him off the tube. and par three of course you cannot do it any better than that. the ace the rest of his round an even par 70. phil mickelson also a 70 day but missing a gimme for par at 11. he's back five. that would be bjorn blew a two shot lead with three holes left sets himself up for a birdie. as well tom lewis, youngster, 20-year-old amateur named for tom watson and he tops the leader board with his 5-under and he is a coleader. that's the sporting live and
10:58 pm
still no final in the giants game but they're still leading in the 12th. >> all right, it's a long one. our newsroom is already preparing for the morning news begins at 4:30. they'll be following all the overnight developments. thanks for joining us.
10:59 pm